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'How far ?' - Short film directed by Nicol Hay 2010

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'Sandwiches' - Short film directed by Rebecca Wallace 2010
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'The Body Merchants', documentary directed by Fintan McGregor, Official Trailer, 2010
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'Watch Me Disappear'
A site-specific piece directed by Amandine Vincent, 2011

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'How far ?' - Short film - Nicol Hay - 2010
Craig got lucky last night. He met a wonderful woman and they spent a wonderful night together. Well, you say lucky, but that woman is his boss, and now they're back at work she's acting as if nothing ever happened between them. She's concentrating on the day's task, which happens to be firing people. Can Craig keep last night a secret from the many office gossips and get through the day at work while retaining at least two out of the three of his job, new relationship and dignity? "How Far?" is a romantic comedy of office politics, bad communication and maintaining an appropriate work/life balance.

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'Sandwiches' - Short film directed by Rebecca Wallace, 2010
One bench. Two very different people. Sandwiches.
Josh sits every day at the same time on the same bench to eat his sandwich on his own. But on that day, someone else is already sitting there, a quirky girl who’s going to disrupt his world…

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'The Body Merchants', documentary directed by Fintan McGregor, Official Trailer, 2010
Documentary about the famous serial killers Burke and Hare.
Burke and Hare’s anatomy murders repulsed 19th century Scotland, which relished public executions, and spawned a macabre fascination with them that has continued for nearly two centuries. ‘The Body Merchants: The Shocking truth about Anatomy Murder’ is a factual and honest portrayal of what really happened; meticulously researched and shot on location on the streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town, the stomping ground of two murderers, bringing to life the deprivation and abject poverty of an era which became a breeding ground for murder.
Follow in the footsteps of Burke and Hare…see their murderous haunts in old Edinburgh…and uncover the reality about Scotland’s most prolific serial killers…
To know more about the film, go to: http://www.burke-and-hare.com/

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Video of a site-specific theatrical piece 'Watch Me Disappear', directed by Amandine Vincent and performed at the ‘On the Verge’ Festival at the Arches in Glasgow in June 2011.

Watch Me Disappear
Come through the bathroom door and enter the secret world of women starving for beauty.

'I’ve lost it. I’d like to remember. What it’s like to feel beautiful. To be beautiful because you can feel it. I’m desperate to remember. Starved of. Starving for. Craving. J’en crève. La beauté. I’d kill for it. I’d die for it. Help me. Help me remember.’ This is how it begins. The obsession. The food, flesh, and flush. The mirror in tears. The dream consuming the body. The war you’ll never see'.
Feeling increasingly concerned by the spreading of eating disorders and willing to question the notion of beauty in our society, Amandine Vincent decided to explore those matters in a devised movement and documentary based piece.

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